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Concrete Pump Hire FAQs

If you’re unsure whether you are likely to need to take advantage of our concrete pump hire services when ordering your concrete, take a look at our frequently asked questions and hopefully you should find the answers you need. If not, give our friendly team a call and we’ll be able to advise you further.

Do I automatically get a concrete pump whenever I order some concrete?

No, you have to hire one separately from your concrete, but a concrete pump can quickly pay its way thanks to the speed and accuracy of its delivery, with the reduced levels of wastage also making it more cost efficient.

Why might I need a concrete pump?

There are two main reasons you might need a concrete pump to take the concrete from a mixer lorry to the site where you want it poured. 

Firstly, it will speed up your operation when you have a lot of concrete to pour, as opposed to having to shift it with wheelbarrows. It’s also likely to get the job done a lot more quickly if you only have a few people on site to help or a limited number of wheelbarrows to hand. 

Secondly, a concrete pump will be needed when access to the pour site is difficult or restricted, or if the mixer lorry can’t get very close. For example, if you need to pour the concrete indoors or at a high level, a concrete pump can make the job much quicker and easier than it would otherwise be.

What distance can you pump?

Our ground line pumps can cover a distance of about 150 metres.

Can you pump around obstacles and to sites above ground level?

Yes, we can! The concrete is pumped through a series of tubes that are fitted together in such a way that they can be taken around any obstacles that may be in the way. They are also able to be stretched up multiple flights of stairs. 

Essex Mix Concrete Pump Services onsite

Do I pay for the full amount of concrete ordered even if I don’t use it all?

No, our pump is able to measure how much concrete is dispensed and our ‘only pay for what you use’ policy means that is all you pay for, regardless of how much you initially ordered. 

Will it make a mess?

No, it’s a very tidy way of pouring concrete. Because it goes straight from the truck into the tubes and then straight from the tubes to where you need it, the chance of spilling any where you don’t want it are very small. On the other hand, you have a lot less control if you’re moving your concrete in wheelbarrows, when the chances of spillage and waste are much higher.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Wickford and we can supply concrete pumps and other concrete services throughout Essex, so give us a call to order today!

Call us today on 0800 030 6025 for your domestic or commercial aggregate supplies


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