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Why You Should Choose Turf for Your Garden

With spring having finally got properly going in June, and with summer fast approaching, our thoughts are increasingly turning to the time we can spend outside enjoying the warmer weather. 

Why You Should Choose Turf for Your Garden

Recent years have seen a growing trend for people to opt for ‘low maintenance’ gardens for their homes rather than ones with a lawn. That usually means gravelled areas and lots of pots and, while we can certainly understand and appreciate why some people might make such a choice, we can’t help but feel that there are a lot of people missing out. 

There’s nothing quite like a well-maintained lawn – especially if you have kids and/or a dog! But there are a lot more reasons than just having somewhere nice to sit and to play for why they’re better for both us and the environment than gravel and concrete. Here are just a few:

Air quality

We all know that the climate is changing, and that there are many factors behind it. One of these is the massive decrease in the amount of trees and plants since the onset of industrialisation. And while you might think that one lawn wouldn’t make much difference, it is estimated that 25 square feet of healthy turf generates a day’s worth of oxygen for an adult. The same process reduces levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, one of the key drivers of climate change.

Wildlife habitat

The more green in your garden, the more you’re likely to attract insects, and the more insects in your garden, the more you’re likely to attract birds. More wildlife in our gardens makes for healthier plants, which rely on key pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths, all of whom love a good lawn as much as we do.

Flood control

Every time we get floods in our towns and cities, we hear of the perils of building on flood plains. Grass binds soil more effectively than other plants and that makes it superbly efficient at soaking up water. 

Summer cool

Grass isn’t just cooler to sit on. Concrete and asphalt retain and then give out considerably more heat than grass, so it follows that the more grass you have the lower the ambient air temperature (and for those who like a bit of warmth, don’t worry – grass doesn’t make it colder in winter!).

Mental health

According to a 2016 report for the World Health Organization: “Urban green spaces, such as parks, playgrounds, and residential greenery, can promote mental and physical health, and reduce morbidity and mortality in urban residents by providing psychological relaxation and stress alleviation, stimulating social cohesion, supporting physical activity, and reducing exposure to air pollutants, noise and excessive heat.” So a nice green lawn is good for you all round!

If the above reasons are making you think that some new turf is the way to go for your garden, then why not talk to Essex Mix about our turf delivery service? With rapid delivery always guaranteed, we’re a popular supplier in the Wickford area and right across Essex.

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