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Why Should You Choose Grab Hire Services?

When you’re managing a big renovation, demolition or construction project – or indeed any job that is going to generate large amounts of possibly heavy waste – it can be as much of a task getting the resulting mess into a skip as it was creating the mess in the first place. That can be even more the case when it’s impossible to get your skip right next to the waste itself.

Using a grab hire truck can make waste disposal less of a problem no matter where it is, what it is and how much of it you have. This month, the team at Essex Mix is taking a look at the many benefits of our grab hire services, and why you should consider making use of them on your next big project.

What is grab hire?

Grab hire, also known as ‘muck away’, is a quick and convenient means of shifting large volumes of heavy waste, especially things like rubble, hardcore, bricks, soil and concrete. A large lorry with an attached hydraulic arm is used to scoop the waste directly from the ground and place it into a container on the back of the lorry, ready for immediate removal. So what is it about it that can make it a better choice than just hiring a skip?

What are the advantages of grab hire over skip hire?

  • When you have a skip on site, once it’s there, that’s generally where it stays until it’s taken away. And there aren’t many projects where all the waste is conveniently created in the same part of the site. One great advantage of a grab hire is that, as it’s mobile, it can go to where the waste is, rather than having to bring the waste to the skip. That can be a real time saver on any job.
  • Waste isn’t always created in the most convenient location for getting rid of it afterwards. The reach of the hydraulic arm on a grab hire truck means that it can get to waste in places that might otherwise be impossible to reach easily. That can include narrow spaces or even behind walls, the sort of areas where it might be difficult to drop off a skip.
  • When you hire a skip, you need to make a rough estimate of how much waste you have, or are going to have, and then acquire what you consider the appropriately-sized skip for the job. Grab hire trucks can generally shift bigger quantities and easily make multiple trips if necessary, making it much easier for you to plan your operation.
  • Using grab hire saves both time and space on site – rather than having a skip sitting around getting in the way for a number of days, a grab hire truck can be on and off site within the hour, complete with your waste.
  • And once loaded, a grab hire truck can be driven straight to a recycling centre, where its contents can be quickly sorted and sent on to be re-used. Most of the waste suitable for being disposed of by means of grab hire is also going to be suitable for recycling.

To find out more about grab hire and muck away services from Essex Mix, or to enquire about our extensive range of concrete services, call or contact our friendly team today. Our team of experts is on hand to advise you and find the best solution for all your waste disposal needs.

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