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Benefits of Volumetric Concrete

With various types of concrete available, it can be hard to know what to choose, especially if you’ve never needed to purchase concrete before. That’s why, this month, Essex Mix is here to tell you what volumetric concrete is and its benefits, so you can see for yourself if it’s right for your project or should be eliminated from the ‘what you need’  list.

There are many benefits to volumetric concrete including zero-wastage, flexibility and truck capacity. For a better understanding of these volumetric concrete benefits, read on. 



There is no waste with volumetric concrete, as it is mixed on-site meaning that it is tailored exactly to your needs. This means that you’re guaranteed to receive the right amount of concrete that will see your project nicely through to completion. The best thing about not having to worry about wastage is that you will never over-order or under-order, which means if it’s your first time ordering concrete, you can’t possibly get the concrete quantities wrong! 

Truck capacity

Volumetric concrete has its own trucks – volumetric trucks – they have a 10m3 capacity. This means that the elements to make concrete can be stored and shipped in their own separate containers, ready to be combined and mixed, tailored and adjusted to your requirements on the day of delivery. Having the sheer capacity to do this is incredibly useful as it means your concrete can be adapted to account for particularly hot, cold or wet weather conditions too. 


When ordering volumetric concrete, you can rest assured that you will have the exact amount of concrete needed for the job at hand. Should awkward weather conditions arise, no problem either, since your concrete hasn’t been made yet and will be mixed on-site, the solution can be adjusted to ensure work can carry on as usual.

How concrete mixers work

Volumetric concrete mixers are attached to a load-bearing truck which carries the raw concrete materials to the desired location. Inside the mixer are compartments which will be holding aggregates, cement, water, fibres and if necessary, additives. Once the truck is on-site, your specifications will be programmed into the volumetric mixer – and the input will vary depending on what the concrete is going to be used for, whether that’s footings, a driveway, patio, etc.

Once the specifications are programmed in and the concrete solution mixed, the concrete is then poured out of the truck and into the agreed spot, this is typically done with the use of a concrete pump. As the concrete pumps out of the truck, the concrete that is being poured is displayed on the screen and stops immediately when the agreed amount has been reached. The screen will then be able to give you an accurate reading of the concrete you have used, so you needn’t pay over the odds.

Volumetric concrete is used by all types of people, residential, commercial and industrial because there’s zero waste, precise pours and is an economical solution. For more information about Essex Mix, our concrete services and delivery times, contact our friendly team today. 

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